About Solomon Says

From Mark Horne:

Solomon Says is published by Logo Sapiens Communications, a biblical and educational non-profit organization. I am the executive director.

I have written several books. My favorite is The Victory According to Mark: An Exposition of the Second Gospel available from the publisher, Canon Press, and also through Amazon.com.

I want to do many things with LSC and Solomon Says. At the time of this writing, these are some of the things I plan on producing:

Proverbs Book
This ongoing project actually formed the spark for LSC. I am writing a book on Proverbs as a guide and puzzle for young men. It is aimed at showing the basic life skills and habits that the Bible wants to instill in people. I argue that Wisdom is presented as the ability to rule oneself well and thereby become trustworthy with responsibility, and free from self-defeating compulsions. The book is not a commentary but address basic issues and temptations. While I didn’t set out to write a book on apologetics I think this might serve as a way to interest non-Christians in what the Bible has to say.

For some idea of what this book will be like, you can check out the Solomon Says website as well as these articles:

The Riddle of Romans
This is a little bit more heavy on “theology” than I expect to be LSC’s normal emphasis, but it is an important work for understanding a historically important part of the Bible. My plan is that this book will present a simple reading of the argument in Roman 1.16-11.36 that I have not seen suggested before (especially tying together 3.1-8, 5.16-6.1, 9.19-24, with 11.11-32). I think this book will clarify some aspects of the Gospel and thus have some apologetic value.

Communications Channels
Solomon Says is a new website. As time and resources allow I want to add an audio podcast and YouTube channel.

Audio and Video Educational Resources: Gospel of Mark
I’d like to use my commentary of the Gospel of Mark to develop a twelve-week course.

If you would consider supporting LSC, I would greatly appreciate it!