REPOST: If You Don’t Learn To Obey Orders You Will Never Be Free; Here’s Why:

Let me start with a brief story about a society in which some people had slaves and attempted to use those slaves for income:

David thought the interview had gone well so far. Huxley Industries needed a slave to answer phones, keep records, and do other office work. David needed some better income and he had a slave to rent. His slave could easily do the jobs that they needed to be done.

“So can your slave be here by 7:30 am every weekday morning?”

David’s heart lurched. “You start that early?”

Well, we need him ready to go before others come to work. We found this position works better if he starts a half hour earlier.”


“Is that a problem?” Sharon, the interviewer sounded completely non-judgmental about David’s slave. He was thankful for her professionalism.

“Well, I have my slave during most of the day,” said David, hating to have to admit the truth out loud. “Body is a good slave and I’m sure he could do the work here.”


“But I’m not completely his sole owner. His other master may make that 7:30 start time difficult to meet.”

“Someone else has ownership that early in the morning?”

David shook his head. Not in the morning, but usually late at night. Wine, Women, and Song are part owners from about 9 p.m. until pretty late. Getting up that early might be a problem.”

Sharon nodded. “That was actually why this position didn’t work with the last slave we tried to rent from someone.”

“Did Wine, Women, and Song have part ownership?”

“No,” said Sharon, “I think it was Late Night Television. It kept the slave up at night and when the other owner got full control back in the morning, the slave was too groggy to work for us effectively.”

David sighed.

“I appreciate talking to you about the job,” said Sharon. “But you have to understand lots of slaves can do the tasks we need done. Our problem isn’t the tasks themselves but the simple fact that the owners are not really total owners. You can’t really rent out a slave if you already share him with other masters.”

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Ruling Your “Angels”

One of the strangest (yet obvious) facts to discover in Scripture is that the Spirit hovering over the waters in Genesis 2 at creation is the same as the pillar of cloud and fire that led Israel through the Red Sea on dry ground. That theophany occurs several times in Scripture, and is identified with Jesus’ own body.

Meredith Kline did the work to show how it all comes out in Scripture.

The Spirit/Cloud manifestation led Israel to Sinai where it touched down. And one of the components of this cloud was the heavenly host–an army of angels. We’re told so unambiguously in Psalm 68:15-17. Continue reading “Ruling Your “Angels””

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God Loves to Give Wisdom

Solomon famously asked for wisdom as he was given kingly authority to rule Israel (1 Kings 4). God gave it to him.

Does that mean Solomon had not been taught wisdom before?

No! A child should be taught wisdom, and a young man should remember what his parents taught him, but he needs to acquire apropriate wisdom as an adult with new responsibilities. Continue reading “God Loves to Give Wisdom”

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Spider-Man & Proverbs: The False Wisdom of Vices

I argued recently that Uncle Ben’s urgent plea to Peter Parker is quite similar to Solomon’s exhortation to his “son” in Proverbs. The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie really brought this out.

But there is another aspect to that franchise that also is quite similar to the warnings of Proverbs.

Peter Parker’s development of unexpected and profound new powers threatens to lead him to a bad end. For years he’s been bullied by stronger and faster jocks. Suddenly, they are in the inferior position and he has a chance (he imagines) to replace them and attract the female that he thought would never notice him. Continue reading “Spider-Man & Proverbs: The False Wisdom of Vices”

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Spider-Man & Proverbs: Uncle Ben as Solomon Begging His Son to Pursue Wisdom

I’m so old, that I still think of Tobey Maguire as the “real” Spider-Man. Whether you share that flaw or not, this scene is a perfect thematic introduction to Proverbs and what Solomon is trying to say to his son:

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Why Wisdom Should Not Be Restricted to Making Judgments

There is a common conception or model of Biblical wisdom that portrays it as something that you use while seated and thinking. Solomon was a wise king and he certainly did just that. So we get Proverbs like: “The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him” (18:17).

But many matters addressed in Proverbs seem pretty far from an official courtroom situation. Continue reading “Why Wisdom Should Not Be Restricted to Making Judgments”

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“Jesus Is Lord!” A practical suggestion for struggling with sin

I wrote this back in 2001 and had forgotten about it. Someone brought it to my attention and it seems to me that, though not about Proverbs in any way, it actually shows I was thinking in ways that would eventually help me to understand Proverbs.

All Christians struggle with sin.

Many times even relatively mature Christians commit sins they thought they had long since left behind and end up struggling anew with sinful habits in thought, word, or deed. Naturally, this means they must rouse themselves to action in putting to death the deeds of the flesh. Continue reading ““Jesus Is Lord!” A practical suggestion for struggling with sin”

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What would Solomon think about social media?

Let me just say at the beginning: I don’t know what Solomon would think about social media.

I’ve occasionally had fun with the question in the title of the post…

…but I don’t know the answer to my question and neither does anyone else. Continue reading “What would Solomon think about social media?”

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