When Did Society Decide Darwinism Is Just a Useful Myth?

In Katy Faust’s column “A Gay Parent’s Complaint About Adoption Illustrates A Dangerous Adult-Centric Mindset” at The Federalist, she writes of a Lesbian who wanted her Supreme-Court-defined spouse to get to be the parent of record for her artificially-conceived son without any legal fuss:

Throughout her narrative Leigel presents herself as the sole victim of her family arrangement. She focuses entirely on her own desires and discomfort — detailing the cruelty, the cruelty, of the “cold stethoscope” during a routine physical and how she once had to endure the metal detectors and “hard wooden benches” of a courtroom. Not one sentence in her article acknowledges the fact that she participated in intentionally depriving this boy of his father … for life.

When considering what cruelty looks like I’m going to go with father deprivation over cold stethoscopes, every single time.

The entire post is well worth reading, but one of the things that it reinforced for me is a strong belief that our society doesn’t believe in Darwinian evolution–at least, not any more. Continue reading “When Did Society Decide Darwinism Is Just a Useful Myth?”

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